Endorse a Credential

Help us show the need and desire for a WordPress credential in the WordPress community.

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If you or your company would find it easier to hire WordPress employees (especially newly-trained candidates) if there was a WordPress credential showing that they have met a standard of comprehension and skill, then please upload a letter of endorsement.

You can upload a completed letter of endorsement (below, right.)

You can generate a letter to us via form (below, left.)

Thank you in advance for your support of the credentialing project!

Generate Letter

Complete the form to generate a letter via email to us.

Upload Completed Letter

Upload a completed letter via pdf to us. (*Sample letter below)

Example Letter of Endorsement: 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

My name is [Your First and Last Name] and I am the [Your Title] of [Your Company Name] . I am writing to endorse a WordPress Credential. I believe having a credential within our community will help ease the burden of hiring qualified candidates. The credential will be an asset to job seekers that are looking to find employment and obtain an advanced knowledge of WordPress. A credential will also help our customers know that they are hiring WordPress experts. Hiring qualified candidates saves our company money in new hire and training costs. Smaller staff turnover rates help improve our workplace culture. 

I do feel there is a large need for a WordPress credential within our community. We at [Your Company Name] will be more likely to hire a person that holds a WordPress credential. 

[Your Signature]
[Your Contact Information]

Main Points: 

  • Name, Date, Position/Title, Company name. 
  • State: Why you believe a WordPress Credential is needed. 
  • How a WordPress Credential will affect the community and your business. 
  • That you are more likely to hire someone with a WordPress credential.