why do we need credentials?

Credentials detail a qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual by a third party.

The academic and professional world makes very extensive use of credentials, such as diplomas, degrees, certificates, and certifications, in order to attest to the completion of specific training or education programs by students, to attest to their successful completion of tests and exams, and to provide independent validation of an individual’s possession of the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary to practice a particular occupation competently. (Source)

How You Can Help

Call for Letters of Endorsement

In order for the Department of Defense to approve CertifyWP’s credential for WordPress, we need 50+ letters endorsing the belief that a standard in understanding and working in WordPress (basic, developer, designer, etc.) would be beneficial in hiring newly-trained and veteran WordPress users.

You can help by submitting a letter to us. (See a sample here.)

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