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CertifyWP to Launch WordPress Credentialing Organization

CertifyWP, a new organization, will soon launch a WordPress credentialing process. The organization, which is in the process of seeking non-profit/501(c)3 status in the US, will be the first of its kind for WordPress credentials.

Working alongside WPConnects, a training program that benefits US Military, separating military, and military veterans, CertifyWP hopes to smooth the entry for those newly trained in WordPress (management, design, and development) into the WordPress employment space through hiring partnerships within WPConnects as well as the community at large.

“Part of developing a credential for WordPress is establishing a baseline of skills for those entering the WordPress job market, including the US Department of Defense, which requires a credential for entry,” says Talisha Lewallen, CEO of WPConnects, and founder of CertifyWP. “The beauty of a credential like this is that it can benefit any company that is hiring in WordPress. Along with the benefits it will bring for WordPress users and contractors.”

CertifyWP has established a board of directors that includes many well-known community members who share a common goal of helping others be trained and employed within the WordPress ecosystem. (See board on our site: https://certifywp.com/about/)

The next step for establishing such a credential is twofold: having a team begin working on a standardized exam for becoming credentialed, and gathering letters of endorsement from those hiring in WordPress and for WordPress roles within the community. To contribute a letter of endorsement, visit https://certifywp.com/endorse-certifywp/ where you can view a sample letter and upload your completed endorsement.

Says Lewallen, “We look forward to serving the WordPress community, those seeking employment in WordPress, and the military personnel and veterans hoping to join those working in WordPress.”


For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Talisha Lewallen at talisha@wpconnects.com or via phone at 918-704-6928, or visit https://certifywp.com.